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Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Network Node - Summer UFO Sightings Soar in England
  "If you look at the evidence and still do not believe something very odd is going on... you've brought scepticism to an art form."
- Adm. Lord Hill-Norton, former Admiral of the Fleet, former chief of the UK Defence Staff

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Summer UFO Sightings Soar in England Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 27 June 2008

September 2008 -  Green Lit Silent UFO over Tescos

Image :: Silent Green-Lit UFO

Caught Over Tesco, London

2008 -  The UK - UFO Year....

!-Update-! 2008 was an endless array of sightings reports and tabloid press amazement at the sheer volume of seemingly authentic sightings. Various forms of orange orbs seems to have been the main object seen and filmed but party goers releasing Chinese lanterns added a degree of fog to the topic. One thing was clear -  the global media seemed to suddenly stop feeling they had to ridicule the phenomena and actually covered the sightings pretty well. This site had over 50 comments on this issue alone.

Global and even financial press are reporting on the huge rate of reported UFO sightings over England and the UK mainland as a whole. In one of the more significant -  objects were sighted over a military base by a soldier who described "rotating cubes with multiple colours". 

Elsewhere the English Midlands seems to have taken the lead for the flap or hotspot area so far from previously record holding areas such as West Yorkshire and Bonnybridge, Scotland. Objects were seen and reported in Bromsgrove [Worcestershire], Shropshire, and Nottingham. These sightings follow the recent close encounter with a police helicopter in Wales.

Whist exopolitics tends to deal with issues beyond UFO sightings, the reports can provide a kind of 'thermostat' effect for the extent of:

  • individual sightings and flaps
  • national or regional hotspots or possible portals
  • public awareness and response
  • media awareness and response
  • government and/or military response

  • New:: Watch the UK special video about the 'summer of the saucers'

A few cases from 2007 as well as videos examing sightings reports can be found here.

Google's news facility offered 167 news items for June 2008 alone on "UK, England, UFO, Sighting" at 27th June.

In addition the following list covers May-June 2008 - taken from UFOinfo 

May   ??  - Dunmow, Essex, England 
May   1st - Blackley, Manchester, Lancashire, England
May   3rd - Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, England
May   4th - Barnstaple, North Devon, England
May   6th - Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
May   8th - Whitchurch, Bristol, England
May   9th - Warwick, Warwickshire, England
May 10th - Appletreewick, North Yorkshire, England
May 10th - Appletreewick, North Yorkshire, England
May 10th - Appletreewick, North Yorkshire, England
May 10th - Burntwood, Staffordshire, England Video in report
May 10th - St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
May 11th - Yeovil, Somerset, England
May 12th - Bleary, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
May 13th - Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
May 15th - Between Haltwhistle, Northumberland and Carlisle, Cumbria, England
May 19th - Hove, Brighton, East Sussex, England
May 19th - Hythe, Kent, England
May 23rd - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
May 25th - Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
May 25th - Loch Awe, Oban, Scotland
May 25th - Loch Earn, West Perthshire, Scotland
May 28th - Chagford, Devon, England
May 30th - Clifton, Bristol, England
May 31st - Downend, Bristol, England
May 31st - Hull, East Yorkshire, EnglandUpdatedJune 13th 2008
May 31st - Normandy, Surrey, England
May 31st - Osminton Mills, Weymouth, Dorset, EnglandNewJune 18th 2008
May 31st - Saltdean, Brighton, England
May 31st - Saltdene, East Sussex, EnglandNewJune 13th 2008
May 31st - South-West Shropshire, EnglandNewJune 22nd 2008
Early June - Bournemouth, Dorset, EnglandNewJune 22nd 2008
Jun   4th - Sawston, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, EnglandNewJune 14th 2008
Jun   7th - Edinburgh, ScotlandNewJune 15th 2008
Jun   7th - Heathrow area, seen from Battersea, London, England Photo(s)/Drawing(s) in reportJune 18th 2008
Jun   7th? - Kircubbin, County Down, Northern IrelandNewJune 14th 2008
Jun   7th - Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England Photo(s)/Drawing(s) in report Video in reportNewJune 14th 2008
Jun   7th - Tiverton, Devon, EnglandNewJune 18th 2008
Jun   8th - Harrogate, North Yorkshire, EnglandNewJune 15th 2008
Jun   8th - Nesscliffe, Shropshire, EnglandNewJune 26th 2008
Jun 10th - Coalville, Leicestershire, EnglandNewJune 15th 2008
June 10th - Waltham Windmill, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, EnglandNewJune 18th 2008
Jun 11th - Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, EnglandNewJune 15th 2008
Jun 11th - Coalville, Leicestershire, EnglandNewJune 23rd 2008
Jun 14th - Stanley, Perthshire, ScotlandNewJune 22nd 2008
Jun 14th - Whitchurch, Bristol, EnglandNewJune 17th 2008
Jun 20th - Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, EnglandNewJune 22nd 2008
Jun 21st - Gloucester, Gloucestershire, EnglandNewJune 26th 2008
Jun 21st - Mapperley Park, Nottingham, EnglandNewJune 22nd 2008
Jun 21st - Mapperley Park, Nottingham, EnglandNewJune 23rd 2008
Jun 22nd - Anfield, Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandNewJune 22nd 2008
Jun 22nd - Flimwell, Near Wadhurst, East Sussex, EnglandNewJune 25th 2008
Jun 22nd - Hassocks, West Sussex, EnglandNewJune 23rd 2008
Jun 22nd - Wembley, London, EnglandNewJune 23rd 2008
Jun 23rd - Swanage, Dorset, EnglandNewJune 25th 2008
Jun 23rd - Workington, Cumbria, EnglandNewJune 26th 2008
Jun 25th - Bradford, West Yorkshire, EnglandNewJune 26th 2008


UK Recent Footage 

Following is from The Sun - 27th June 2008

A SHAKEN soldier told last night how he saw THIRTEEN UFOs spinning in the skies above his military barracks.

Sighting ... unexplained Cylinders


He was among three squaddies who spotted the objects while out on night patrol.

He filmed them on his mobile phone and reported the close encounter to Army top brass.

Mystery ... UFO seen on soldier's video

Mystery ... UFO seen on soldier's video

Ministry of Defence experts were studying his report and video yesterday — after ordering the soldier and his pals NOT to say anything else about the incident.

The sighting, near Market Drayton, Shrops, came two hours before helicopter police officers reported an encounter with a huge craft 80 miles away near Cardiff.

Yesterday further mind-boggling evidence emerged as dog walker Bonnie Lewis, 29, told how she filmed seven UFOs at Bromsgrove, Worcs, last Friday.

The soldier recalled how he saw the amazing “craft” just after 11pm on Saturday, June 7.

Sky lights ... strange shapes seen by Bonnie

Sky lights ... strange shapes seen by Bonnie

He said: “I was on duty in the guard room when the other boys outside began shouting. I went out to see what the commotion was about and could see thirteen craft in the skies.

“They were zig-zagging, but I filmed two before they disappeared. They were like rotating cubes with multiple colours.

“I made a full report to my commanding officers and gave them my footage. The other lads were as amazed by it as I was.”

Astonishing ... map indicating UFO discoveries

Astonishing ... map indicating UFO discoveries

Soldiers walking near their base were astonished to see a fleet of UFOs.

A 19-year-old private on patrol said he also saw the “fleet”.

The soldier, who asked not to be named, said: “I saw these things flying in the sky and I told my guard commander.

“There were about 30 lights passing over for a few minutes, very high but not at a great speed. They were bright red. Another soldier saw them too.”

An MoD spokesman said: “We deal with any UFO sightings to see if there was a military threat.”

Cabaret duo Katy Cunnion and Russell Quinn claimed they were pursued by the light in the sky for nearly an hour at 1am the following morning.

And last night Bonnie told of seeing cylinder-shaped craft.

She said: “They weren’t from this world. They made no sound and had flashing dots inside.”

Two more colleagues also spot the startling “fleet” above Shropshire’s Tern Hill barracks. Just hours later, three South Wales helicopter police officers watch in awe as a huge object rises from the ground to meet them as they land near Cardiff.

The crew log the incident with their superiors. Less than an hour later, two cabaret performers report a strange light in the sky near Shrewsbury.


Expert: Official inquiry is vital

UFO expert Nick Pope studied The Sun’s amazing footage last night and said: “Now there HAS to be an official inquiry.”

Nick, who spent three years as official UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, said after viewing film shot by soldiers in Shropshire: “The MoD and Civil Aviation Authority need to look at this.

“They need to interview witnesses, analyse the film and check both civil and military radar to see if any unusual activity was logged.

“An important factor is that this was shot from a military base — and the military tend to make good witnesses.

“This object seems to be pulsing through virtually the entire spectrum and that’s unusual. It’s not something an ordinary aircraft or satellite would do, and it’s too slow to be a meteor or a shooting star.”


UFO Over UK Cathedral Causes Power Cuts

A slightly luminous, grey UFO was reported to police last Saturday night in the historic town of Edmunds St Bury in the county of Suffolk, just outside London, England.

The UFO was seen spinning and hovering over the St Edmundsbury Cathedral by a townsman.

The UFO was also seen by a staff member of the Cathedral.

Sarah Friswell, the Cathedrals visitor officer, noted that the topic of the mysterious craft had come up in a staff meeting, and one of the staff members confessed to also witnessing the rather clear UFO of a very ‘Classical’ appearance.

The cathedral's visitor officer Sarah Friswell said: “I mentioned it at our staff meeting yesterday and a member of staff did see 'it' as well. But I have to say no-one else has commented or 'phoned or mentioned it.

“It happened in between two short power cuts, so we wondered if it was linked to that.”

Large Spinning Object

A police spokeswoman said: “We received a report at 10:43 pm on Saturday from a gentleman who said he'd seen a large object spinning in the sky for around 10 to 12 minutes, which looked like a UFO. This was the only report received."

The apparent sighting comes just four months after similar reports of a UFO above the town's Mildenhall and Howard estates.

Eyewitnesses told how, on September 3, they saw an object at about 9.30pm spinning and tilting above houses and appeared to change color.

The sighting was accompanied by unusual power cuts, confirmed by the Cathedral administration. The blackout could not be explained by the local electricity provider.

The town is historically significant. It is said to be the place where the idea of the Magna Carta was born--a birthplace of modern democracy. The town is also the burial place of a number of ancient Saxon Kings, and was once regarded as a place of miracles. Overall Edmunds St Bury is regarded as one of the UK's great historic towns.



County is a top spot for seeing UFOs

7:39pm Wednesday 25th June 2008

WORCESTERSHIRE has been described as the perfect place to see UFOs, after a dog walker spotted mysterious objects flying over Bromsgrove.

Bonnie Lewis filmed seven shapes – which made no sound and flashed different colours – in the sky at 10pm on Friday.

The 29-year-old from Tamworth initially thought that they were satellites, but a UFO expert believes they could well be from another world.

Michael Soper, of Contact International UFO Research, studied the film stills and said: “The fact that they are cylindrical and vertical in the sky, and moving in quite distinct patterns, indicates they are of more interest than globe-shaped dots often seen.”

Mr Soper has been collating information on UFOs since he saw a silver disc above the Malvern Hills in 1960.

He said the lights over Bromsgrove were definitely not sky lanterns, the large paper lanterns that are popular at weddings, and he was keen to find out more.

Although a spokesman for Webbs garden centre, in nearby Wychbold, said staff had not noticed any unusual objects that night, Mr Soper said Worcestershire was “one of the top places” to see UFOs.

He said: “The Malvern Hills are ideal. There’s a wonderful area to the west of the Beacon where there’s a line of cottages.

“It’s an absolutely brilliant spot with the clear air coming over from Wales, which has yet to be polluted, and the fine weather that the line of the hills creates.

“Sightings there can be extraordinarily good.

“I wish people who are walking on the hills would report more things. They seem to be quite shy.”

Your Worcester News has reported several sightings over the years: In January 1997 Connie Clark, of Ontario Close, Lower Wick, saw a fiery red streak moving in a long sloping arc across the sky in the direction of Evesham before splitting in two.

The same year, dozens of people called the Worcester News with reports of an orange ball streaking across the sky in Drakes Broughton before exploding.

In August 1998 a crop circle mysteriously appeared in field in Astley, and in 2003 Daphne Wright watched a cloud of red lights hover above her home in The Hill Avenue, Battenhall, for almost an hour


Even Australia are reporting:


UFO sightings spark alien invasion fears

15:00 AEST Thu Jun 26 2008

Alarmed UK citizens convinced they saw an armada of UFOs in the sky have flooded radio stations with their calls of distress.

Hundreds of people witnessed strange orange orbs hover over Liverpool, north England, on Monday, British tabloid The Sun reports.

The sightings prompted widespread speculation about the possiblity of an alien invasion.

Former policeman Steve Rafferty, 50, and his daughter Emma, convinced they were having a close encounter, filmed the unexplained phenomena on a mobile phone.

Another witness suggested the "alien craft" appeared to be scouting for a place to land, the newspaper reported.

The sightings came as three soldiers reported seeing UFOs spinning over an army base in Shropshire, in the west of the country.

The 13 flying objects were captured on film and are now reportedly being investigated by army officials.


Errors in some sightings reports are most definately down to these things [take note at weekends please if you're thinking of sending in one of the many pictures we get a month -time is precious!].

See http://www.ufo-blog.com/ifos/ufo_balloons/ifo_ufo_balloons.htm for more.



Lincolnshire Turbine - UFO or just fatigue??

  The Sun loves covering these sort of stories because they've learned that there is significant demand. Interestingly the ridicule and little green men factor has reduced significantly over the last couple of years... they had to add an inset comedy image here thoug -  if it's not this it's X-Files theme music in the background.


Did a UFO hit this wind-turbine in Lincolnshire? - January 2009

Your super, sizzler Sun has more

A theory as to the 'octopus tenticles seen emanating from an object around the time of the incident can be read in a recent update article.



Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 June 2009 )
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